Football Speed Camp

North Attleboro Football Speed & Agility Camp
July 6th – August 5th

Athletes Acceleration is offering a three week camp dedicated to get football players faster and more explosive.

Led by our nationally certified coaches, the 5 Week Camp is designed for athletes to develop explosive speed and power. The cutting-edge programming will lead to an increase vertical jump, agility, flexibility and overall speed, while decreasing the risk of injury.

Everyone can improve speed with the right program. But, if you aren’t actively working on developing your speed, it’s not going to happen on it’s own. That’s why we are holding our Football Speed Camp for North Attleboro Football players.

The North Attleboro High School track and fields are perfectly set up to focus on developing speed and agility. It’s the ideal location where we can have our athletes run at top speed, cut, change direction, accelerate, and open up to specifically work on developing faster athletes.

Football speed is a different monster than simply being fast. To be a truly fast football player you need to develop your overall athleticism.

The need to train sprinting for football might seem pretty obvious. That will help with acceleration and top speed, and a faster 40. What football players also need to develop is first-step quickness, reaction time, great ability to change of direction, cutting & stopping, and explosiveness.

Efficiency is key when it comes to being fast. If you have wasted movements, like swaying side to side, you are wasting power and energy that should be used to propel you forward, so we also dedicate some time to teaching proper running mechanics.

The focus of the camp will provide the fundamentals of speed and agility training so athletes can improve their linear, lateral & multi-directional movements on the field or court, and improve their overall athletic ability. The goal is to optimize athleticism.

Going beyond just ‘working out’, the athletes that attend the camp will leave with the skills and knowledge of all the drills and ‘why’ they are being performed. As you know, it’s one thing to get great coaching and instruction during the camp sessions, but we want all the athletes to take the newly learned exercises with them so they will be able to apply them all year round.

This comprehensive 60 minute long training program is designed specifically for football athletes. The session time is spent on movement, which includes, stretching, activation, active warm up, linear and lateral speed development, quickness, plyometrics, and core strengthening. The second part of the workout is dedicated to explosive power and increasing overall speed and speed endurance.

You’ll learn new skills with this innovative approach to training. It will change the way you view your training while building on a solid athletic foundation while staying focused on each athlete’s individual goals.

Our Unique Program Covers:

  • Acceleration

  • Max Velocity/Top Speed

  • Speed Endurance

  • Running Mechanics

  • Lateral Speed & Agility

  • Flexibility & Mobility

  • First Step Quickness

  • Power Development

The Football Speed & Agility Camp will take place at the North Attleboro High School and is exclusively for the North Attleboro High School Football Team. We will be able to take advantage of sprinting on the track, using the fields for lateral speed & agility and power. The Football Speed Camp starts at 2pm each Tuesday and Thursday.

Football Speed & Agility Camp

  • July 6th – August 5th
  • Meets Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm
  • For High School Football Players
  • Five Week Camp