Get Back In The Game

Return to the sport you love in the best shape possible with our Return To Play program. We help athletes of all ages transition from physical therapy after an injury to a safe and confident return to sport. Our Athletic Trainer, Coach Dylan Grzenda, will work to get you back to playing your sport as quickly and safely as possible.

While traditional physical therapy helps with the initial rehabilitation after sustaining an injury or having surgery, a return to sport program helps you rebuild the strength needed to prevent re-injury. With our program, Coach Dylan will ensure that you’re ready to return to playing.

Return To Play Program

At Athletes Accelerations, our team helps athletes of all ages and skill levels return to competitive sports. We understand there is no one size fits all approach and the importance of designing each training plan based on your specific recovery and the sport you play. With one-on-one support from our experienced coaches, you’ll practice the specific demands of your sport or activity to make sure you’re at your strongest and healthiest.

Make a Confident Return to Sport following an Injury

The Athletes Acceleration Return to Play Program helps athletes transition from physical therapy after an injury to a confident return to safe full participation in sports. By recreating game-like exercises in a controlled environment, athletes are able to practice the demands of their sport, with the supervision of our experienced coaches.

In order for an athlete to participate in the Return to Play Program they must be cleared by their physician and/or physical therapist to begin activities.

What Can I Expect?

  • Direct one-on-one training provided by a certified athletic trainer trained in all return to sport exercise progression
  • Assessment of the athlete, and appropriate progression to higher level activities that mimic their sport
  • Use of scientific data and programming will be used to specifically reduce the likelihood of recurring injuries
  • Once you register for training sessions, Coach Dylon will follow up and schedule the first session and also collect specific information from the athlete
  • Athlete will receive

One Session

$75* normally $80
  • Single Sessions ($75/session)

Five Sessions

$350*regular price $400
  • 5 Sessions ($70/session)

Ten Sessions

$650*regular price $800
  • 10 Sessions ($65/session)


Dylan Grzenda

Certified Athletic Trainer, CSCS