We are looking for a few new clients that are looking to get in better shape and move & feel better than ever before. If this is you, join us today!

Our adult training sessions are challenging, fun, safe, and done in a positive environment so that you can reach your fitness goals. You will improve back health, get stronger, lose weight, and just plain feel better. Adult training sessions are 60 minutes long.

Only a small number of people per group. Most gyms make their money by overselling memberships and hope those members don’t come in. Not us. We want you to get results, so we limit the amount of people per group and give you the tools you need to succeed.

We limit the groups so we can guarantee each person gets our full attention and support so we give you our best so that you can get your best results. Our experienced coaches will work with you and your specific needs to get results.

Are you bored of your current workout plan?
Is just doing cardio just not cutting it anymore?
Are you figuring out back and bi day aren’t going to help you move better?
Are you just not getting results?

At Athletes Acceleration, our adults are trained in Performance Based Training (PBT). This is where we are taking participants through an athletic or performance based session. Now this doesn’t mean we are doing track workouts from high school. But as we get older, we see a loss in strength and power, as well as a decrease in our reaction time, speed, and the big one: mobility. So we perform functional movements so that we can work on strength, conditioning, and movement patterns.

Think of our adult training as group training sessions where you actually get stronger, move better and get in better shape! You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll start feeling better and moving better!

This training is designed to get you moving and feeling better in your everyday life (improve your everyday performance).

Unlimited Monthly Training is $129 per month (cancel anytime).

Come Join Us!

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$129* Monthly
  • ONGOING MONTHLY PROGRAM (cancel anytime)
  • Cancel Anytime