Unlock Your Speed Potential!

Our Brand New SpeedLAB!

Looking to run faster? We will give you an in-depth analysis of your running form, show you your strengths & weaknesses, and provide recommendations for training based on that analysis, unlocking your true speed potential.

Our SpeedLAB is run by the area’s only Certified Speed & Agility Coaches (CSAC) from the National Sports Performance Association (NSPA).

What the SpeedLAB consists of:

– A Sprinting Analysis – measure your speed and analyze your technique

– A Kinematic analysis of your acceleration and maximal velocity mechanics, including video breakdown, stride length and frequency graphs, and kinograms comparing asymmetries.

The athlete gets a simplified summary of strengths, weaknesses, along with individualized training recommendations

– Personalized speed training recommendations and access to our extensive training video database so exercises and drills can be demonstrated correctly and implemented into your own training.

– Speed Training recommendations so that you can take data and analysis and use the exercise recommendations in their own training program

– 60 minute meeting where we analyze your running and measure your speed, then follow-up with your results and training recommendations for you to run faster

Transform Your Speed Using Data – No More Guess Work!

This isn’t for everyone. This is for athletes that want a higher level of sprinting movement analysis in order to take the data and improve on their technical weaknesses so that they can take their speed to the next level.

We take a well rounded view at how you move, how fast you move, how you produce force, your coordination, and the efficiency of your running strategy system. Athletes of all levels can use this data to improve their speed.

The SpeedLAB Session will be an hour-long movement testing where you will then receive your results. Your comprehensive analysis and training recommendations to improve your speed and sprinting mechanics will be given to you within 24 hours.

Since this is a new program offering for us, we really want to get this out to those who see our SpeedLAB’s potential to improve your game speed (getting faster for your sport). The program will be offered for a limited time only discount.

Everyone Can Run Faster – We Will Show You How!

Register now for a SpeedLAB session for only $149.00 $99
(save $50 on our initial offering)

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Once you register, we will contact you to set up and schedule your assessment session.

At the SpeedLAB – we will measure your speed, as well as analyze how you run. Then give you reports on how you can improve your speed! Join us in the Lab!


Below is an example of the analysis you will receive, along with our training recommendations to improve your running mechanics and sprinting speed.