Athletes Acceleration Track Club

Join Our Track & Field Club!

With the spring track season lost, there are a lot of track and field athletes that have been unable to train. Not just training, getting faster and in better conditioning, but also not able to work on technique and mechanics to get better at their event. It takes a lot of practice to get better and make improvements in track and field events. So, that is why we created our own Track Club.

Athletes Acceleration Track Club will provide structured training opportunities for our members. Our Track Club is a USATF Certified Club Member (#1005) which also means I am SafeSport certified and am a USATF Lv. 2 coach.

Coaches will prepare weekly workouts that include an official training session on the track each Tuesday and Thursday nights. Thursday night workouts will be more technique based on their event. We will be bringing more coaches as we get more event athletes in.

In order to join the Athletes Acceleration Track Club, you must register. Practice starts on July 14th and will go to August 6th. Our plan is to run a real track meet the week of Aug. 10th.

Looking forward to track starting again!

Athletes Acceleration Track Club

  • Price includes membership, training, and track meet entry
  • Practice is Tuesday & Thursday at 4pm
  • Location: North Attleboro High School Track
  • Runs July 14th – August 6th

*After you register we will ask your age and event. If we do not get a minimum number for your event, we may cancel that event in the track club and refund your payment